Keppel Family Child Care Home

2243 Chandler Ave

Fort Myers Florida 33907


We currently have spots available for your child. With the summer quickly approaching I will be filling up summer spots with school aged children. I do have special rates if your child is school aged and will only be attending during the summer. 

Registered Family Childcare Home

* DCF ID # R20LE2009

* Overnight Care Available 

* Date Nights Available

* Smoke Free Home

* Ages Infant - 13 years old

* Very Reasonable Rates

* Help with Potty Training

* Occasional Field Trips (children over 5 )

* Healthy Meals & Snacks Provided, although we also love  pizza, McDonalds on occasion, cookies, cake and the occasion candy  

* Circle Time (songs, dancing, learning)

* Daily Reading

* Help with ABC's

* Help with Counting & Numbers

* Help with Colors & Shapes.

* Lots of Age Appropriate Toys

* References Available (upon request)

* Parent Referral Program

* Pets friendly home (4 Small dogs) 

Children are our future

Definition of a Child Care Provider

Child Care Pro-vi-der (child'kâr prõ vid'er)n. chef, baker, janitor, sock and shoe finder, coat buttoner, boot fitter, bottle washer, grocery shopper, diaper changer, protector, dish washer, nose wiper, vegetable pusher, floor sweeper, waiter, story teller, playground attendant, PE teacher, activity director, driver, zoo keeper, inspector, aerobics instructor, tutor, entertainer, therapist, manager, derby instructor, performer, bookkeeper, self-esteem builder, teacher, helper, well wisher, nurse, traffic controller, noise controller, life saver, thinker, problem solver, engineer, designer, counselor, safety instructor, arbitrator, creator, inventor, companion, musician, historian, technician, dietitian, athlete, beautician, fire marshall, analyst, artist, dentist, scientist, biologist, technologist, accountant, manicurist, receptionist, environmentalist, pharmacist, hygienist, speech therapist, reader, builder, informer, composer, supervisor, author, navigator, peacemaker, friend. . . . . . .

    Choosing the best childcare for your child can be difficult. There are many types of day cares and child care providers out there. You want your child to be cared for in a way that you would care for him or her. At our home we treat your child like we would treat our own children. Our goal is to create a happy, safe, fun, trusting relationship with your child and make him or her feel at home in our home. 

     We believe the fastest way children learn is through play. Every child learns and does things at a different pace and age. In our home we do not push children to do things they are not ready to do. We do encourage but do not force children to participate in any activity they choose not to. We really try to make your child feel comfortable enough where they know they can do what makes them happy and comfortable. Just as if they were at home. Many of our children sometimes even ask to stay when their parents come to pick them up. We have even had a few run and hide when they see their parents come in to get them. That always makes me laugh. We bond with the children and treat them like family. 

     Providing quality child care to me means creating a happy, fun, safe, comfortable place for children while their parents work. A home away from home while they learn through play. That is exactly what we offer here at Keppel Family child care home. We want your child to be comfortable and happy to be here, so you will be happy about bringing them here.